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Would you ever consider updating your website? That is to say, it should. A website is a representation of your business, brand, and personality. Why should you not look after it? Many people will see your business via this lens, and what they see will influence their first opinion of it. Why not make the greatest possible first impression with a website redesign?

How Often?

To keep the content current and relevant, minor adjustments should be performed on a regular basis. Who wants to read testimonials from your site’s inception three years ago? Of course, this cannot be a complete makeover, and it may occasionally cause issues with your website. The best thing you can do to maintain your website current and relevant is to renew it every couple of years.

Why is it important?

A website, after all, is all about communicating a message to the customer or client. Why should they choose you and how can your company assist them? As a result, what you’ve done to your website, the graphics you’ve used, and the material you’ve written might send a variety of messages. It doesn’t take much to make something appear old and irrelevant.

Because first impressions are established nearly rapidly, you must get it right the first time to persuade visitors to take your website, and therefore you, seriously.

Technical Issues

Technical troubles can arise if your website is outdated, and no one likes to deal with that. Broken links, downed websites, and other technical issues have a substantial influence on the user experience.

The more difficult a website is to use, the less likely customers are to utilise it pleasantly. In fact, they’d be more inclined to flee the scene as quickly as possible. It also gives the appearance to customers that you are unconcerned about your website and, as a result, your business.

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Because of the low quality of your website, they may doubt the value and quality of any products or services you provide.

These are just a handful of the reasons why you should revamp your website if you’re thinking about it. Universal Web Design can assist you in creating and maintaining a fantastic website.

You’ll never have to worry about shutdown websites or faulty links because 471 Digital is on your side. Visit our website at, send us an email at, or contact us at 07483 133 130 to learn more about what we have to offer.

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